Despite failing to hit my word-count goal most days of this week, I still ended with 23,293 words, which is the most I’ve written in a week since I started tracking.

I think.

What day is today?

Where am I?

So, life feels like a blur, but it’s a good blur. Lots of fun things happen in the blur. For one, I bought a piano I don’t know how to use. That’s normally fine, but it’s the third one. I think I have a problem.

I vow not to buy any more pianos.

Someone hold me to that.

Let’s see. Dungeon Runner is just shy of 90k words. I believe it’ll be 120k words once it’s done. I’d prefer 100k, but there’s just no way to get everything to fit into 10k at this point. In fact, 120k might not be enough. I shall make an offering to the muse god and ask for mercy.

Have a fantastic weekend. :)

/Blurs away/

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