How to Contact Dustin Tigner in 20 Easy Steps

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Ah! Welcome! Come inside, won’t you?

Writing is a lonely journey. I sit in a room all day—alone—and pretend I have friends. I know, awesome! Right? Well, I have a blast doing this work, and I’m thrilled to know that others have a blast reading it.

It’s always a delight for me to hear from my readers, even if it’s only to learn I screwed up and left a typo in a book somewhere. If you want to ask me questions, send me your thoughts, or for any other reason that seems reasonable, please do!

[email protected]

Ooooh, anonymous feedback?

Yes! I totally understand not wanting to confront a creator with negative feedback. I even understand not wanting to send praise, your favorite characters, scenes, and so on as that might get a reply. . . .

Sometimes, all we want to do is pass along our thoughts without the risk of receiving a reply or hurting our relationship with said person.

I value honesty. Hearing someone’s real thoughts on a matter is far more helpful than all the kind words in the world. But even I have a hard time being 100% honest with those around me.

And so, I created a solution for you to message me anonymously. Cool, right?

Anonymous feedback