This week was full of distractions! But I still added 40 pages to Dungeon Runner 3 and finished everything on Dungeon Runner 2. “Finishing” is the hardest thing in the world, haha. It’s easy to get to that 80% mark, but the last 20% always rears its ugly head and vomits surprises.

Who doesn’t like vomit?

Anyway, the distractions came from WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It’s an Apple event where they talk about their new hardware and software. Despite tech journalists’ predictions, saying a refreshed Mac Studio wouldn’t happen, it happened. Woot! And I snatched one up before my brain could process how much they were. ;)

Dumb brain is always trying to curb my spending…

The new computer will be here on Wednesday. This will be a serious upgrade to my main office and will handle just about everything I want to do outside of gaming.

In other news, I’ve looked over my records for the last few weeks and found that my last three writing sessions per day almost always underperform. I thought this was due to poor sleep, so I stopped working in bed and went to sleep 30 minutes early. Of course, my dumb brain wakes up 30 minutes early to account for the change.

After some research, I think I’m exhausting my focus. You can only focus for so long before your brain needs a break. This week, I’m giving myself a 35-minute break before the last three sessions to meditate or sleep.

We’ll see how it goes. That’s it from me. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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