That /kind/ of looks like me (click image icon).

Crushed my writing goal for the day with 4,301 words (yes, that 1 is important, thank you very much). My goal is 3,150 words per day. If I can maintain that six days a week, that’s 8 novels a year.

I figured that if I aimed high, I’d land somewhere much better than what I’ve done in the past. :)

Today, I finished up Part 2 of 5 (Dungeon Runner), which is similar to an Eizel story. This shows the perspective of other characters in a new dungeon that’s completely unlike any other. I hope people like how absolutely whacky that dungeon is, haha.

Tomorrow, I start on Part 3, which is back to the main storyline. It will be hard to focus, though, since Diablo 4’s beta starts tomorrow. Got to work hard so I can play hard!

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