Another week down! Projects have been updated with what I’ve been doing. But if you don’t care to check the details, here’s the overview.

Dungeon Runner 1’s audiobook has been moved to the Upcoming section. I’ve decided (again) that my focus should be on writing. But the audiobooks are still coming, just not from me.

I added 10,000 new words to Dungeon Runner 2 and threw out my outline. I’m going to play with discovery writing again and see how it goes. This latest dungeon has been a lot of fun!

I’ve officially started on Secret Project 1. My focus is on worldbuilding and lots of studying. This project won’t come out until after I finish my current series.

If you want more details, head over to the Projects section. Otherwise, have a wonderful week!

(The image is because Sundays are for good food and video games!)

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