Every day, I give myself 1.5 hours to explore art in relation to my projects. This work is for covers, promotional material, website graphics, and—what I’m most excited about—art from the worlds I create.

Attached is a short video of me cutting out a female Tiek. This is a Naufling (updated from the previous spelling Naughling; if you prefer the original spelling, let me know!), a spirit creature in the world of Eternal Fantasy Online (Dungeon Runner).

Nauflings come in all types. They are meant to be cute creatures with small benefits. A Tiek can help things grow. A Timberwood Spiritfish locates secrets. A Morsitor alerts of nearby undead. A Materan generates fabric gemhearts, which can be combined to create fabric. And so on!

I really like the Nauflings. :)

We’ll see how this art page for the Tiek goes. If it doesn’t take too long, I’d like to make more pages. Feel free to skip to the end of the video to see what it looks like. I’ll be posting the full image later. :)

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