Two years ago, I built my sound booth with the intent of narrating my books. But given all the shadiness that is Audible and my struggles with writing, I decided to put audiobooks on the back burner.

It has been too long! So, this year, my goal was to give all of my books the audio treatment. I gave up my dream of narrating and picked out narrators, read lots of contracts, and negotiated with a distribution company (for an entire week!).

The problem with hiring a narrator after investing countless hours preparing to narrate my own book is that it’s impossible for them to handle the material the same way I would. I didn’t realize just how hard it would be to listen to someone else’s version.

This experience pushed me to get back into my booth.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been spending two hours every day in my booth. A lot of my time is just acclimating myself to how I sound talking into the mic. I’ve also been going through all of my many courses and books on the art of narration, which has made a drastic improvement in my breathing, pacing, and acting.

It’s so much fun!

Anyway, I snapped this picture yesterday after extending my Mac’s display to my iPad so I could read the tutorials on one screen and work on the other. I thought it would make for an interesting behind-the-scenes photo for those wanting to see what the booth looks like. :)

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