Making Changes

I didn’t post yesterday because it was a day of silence for all the people like me: loveless.

Joking… But I’m willing to take all the sympathy I can get.

No, I didn’t post because I hit a wall. A figurative wall. No bones were broken. I didn’t post because I realized just how much time and effort I was putting into making up humorous micro-stories.

My goal was to write something funny every day. I thought it would be good practice. But it quickly became something to stress over. Then, once I finished my micro-story, sitting all proud in my office chair, I felt like I accomplished something and was less motivated to do the actual thing needing doing: writing books.

I’ll return to making behind-the-scenes posts about what I am working on, playing, watching, and reading. Humor will only make an appearance if it’s feeling cute and playful.

See you tomorrow. :)

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