Sunday Thoughts

When I was at the eye doctor’s last week, they had a poster that featured a big and bold FREE next to the product they were marketing. It also had an asterisk and, in very tiny text, explained the conditions. I thought, “Damn, these guys really know their (blind) customers.”

The best days for a walk are when it’s freezing or raining or the wind is attempting to tear trees from the ground. It is these days that you don’t run into other people. Until you do… Then you have to figure out where they are going and choose alternate routes while not looking crazy. Am I the only one who does this?

Sleeping on your stomach is a magical experience. If you do it right—which takes some training—you get to experience the surreal sensation of being armless halfway through the night.

Does anyone actually wash their bread knife?


And, in other news, I’ve come up with my second law: Thou shalt not announce plans since plans always change.

You might, someday in the vague future, find out why this is a new law. It involves big business changes but not project changes. :)

(The attached image was created with `jrpg –v 4` on Midjourney and shows how AI can inspire new stories. But I already have too many stories! Also, WTF is that flying in the background? Haha)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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