Making a Map

I worked all yesterday trying to generate a map for Dungeon Runner. I now have hundreds of crazy maps, but most don’t work. And the one that does work, I couldn’t replicate the style…

Until today. Muahahah!

In fact, I figured it out while writing this update.

I decided to try blending (give the AI two images) my drawn map (see the attached) with the map style I liked. This failed miserably. 😅 But it gave me an idea. Instead of trying to generate the bulk of the main floating island via AI, I should generate individual assets.

I did this a bit last night with building icons I could use on the map. This worked very well. So why not use the map image I liked and ask for assets that matched its style? Success! I asked for mountain map assets on a white background to get those cool mountains.

I never expected the AI to do the entire job for me. I just wanted more graphics to work with before I bashed them together and painted over them. With this new technique, I can generate hundreds of mountains or forests or lakes or hills, etc., until I get the assets I think will work best.

Let me know if you like these progress/behind-the-scenes updates. With a bit more time, I hope to show you an awesome map for Dungeon Runner. Until then, have a wonderful Saturday!

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