Eleista, LLC

I got my new company registered yesterday. Things are still being processed, but it’s looking good. This company will have a DBA (doing business as/fictitious name) of Eleista Publishing, which is what my books will show.

To form your LLC, you have to file your Articles of Organization. This is a fancy document that tells the state your business name, its purpose, duration (perpetual), how it’s managed (members or manager), and a bunch of other things like record keeping and dissolution.

Well! Since I’m a designer, I went all out making sure my Articles of Organization was perfect.

I found a list of ideal fonts for legal documents and, of course, used the professional fonts plebs don’t have access to (plebs are other lawyers…). I researched font size, indents, line spacing, and header styles. And then, I wrote the document using my many resources to cover all of my bases.

With these gleaming three pages of legalese—and a grin on my face—I logged into Utah’s Division of Corporations and Commercial Code and answered their thousand questions, none of which asked for my Articles of Organization.

Turns out… Utah generates this document for you… 😅

(And they use terrible fonts!)

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