Votes are in!

I posted the new Dungeon Runner cover yesterday and got a ton of replies (mostly on Twitter). 29 votes in all, 13 for the original cover and 16 for the new cover.

From what I gathered, people like the composition of the original cover, saying it felt more dynamic, tense, and action-oriented. The art is less polished, but the composition is stronger. The portal and light draw the eye.

Those who prefer the second cover more appreciate the better art, the larger character, and more details that reveal the world. Some like the portal design more (it’s more accurate, too).

The reason I posted the covers was to get feedback, and I got lots of it. If you shared your thoughts, thank you!

I’m going to go back to the drawing board and try a few new ideas. For a series about running and exploiting dungeons, I feel the cover should convey that sense of energy that is lost on the new cover. The art is beautiful. In fact, I feel that’s the primary reason why people chose it more. The fact that my old photobashed cover did so well says I don’t have a clear winner.

It’s time to stretch my creative muscles and push the envelope! Wish me luck. :)

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