Dungeon Runner 1 Cover

Which do you like more? Be honest! :)

The first image is the original, and the second is the new cover I’ve been working on (still polishing). I designed both. If you dislike one or both, you won’t hurt my feelings.

(Click the image icon below to see the first image, then click the right arrow to see the second.)

## Vote ##

Did you vote? Good! Now for my thoughts.

I really like the art quality and colors of the second cover. It looks more professional, something you’d see in a store or library. And I like that the portal is more accurate to the books’ descriptions.

But I have a few reservations.

The original cover is more exciting. It conveys a sense of danger and has a very strong focal point. The new cover feels tame and less adventurous.

I like the original character’s pose, but he looks too small, and I don’t like the quality of the art. The new character looks great but might appear too young (he’s almost 18 in the book). I also don’t love showing character faces…

What are your thoughts?

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