Bad Communication & Potatoes in Dresses

Nine days ago, I reached out to Yen Press. This is the publisher of the Log Horizon US Light Novels. I love the trim size, covers, and feel of these books.

My email praised them for a job well done and asked a simple question. “The back of the books say they were printed in the US. Can you tell me what company prints these books?”

They replied that they were the publisher. I read the tiny email twice, shook my head slowly, and emailed them back. “Are you saying that you are the publisher AND printer? Or do you use a third party to handle printing?”

And they replied (a week later), saying they use a third-party printer, failing to divulge WHICH printer. This obnoxious exchange of emails has inspired the following story of two potato girls.

“Damn girl!” says Taterrella. “That’s a beautiful dress. Where did you get it?”

Ms. Spud blushes. “This old thing? It’s a pretty dress.”

“It… really is. Where did you GET it?”

“I got it from the store.”

Taterrella frowned. “Yes, hon, WHERE?”

“In the USA, of course!”

“Girl, if you don’t answer my damn question, I’m gonna make hashbrowns outa you. You hear me?”

Alright, this was dumb, haha. But really, how beyond stupid can a company be? I LOVE their products. I own many of them. All of their books say they were printed in the US, but they don’t give credit to a specific company. And it seems they are dodging my questions.

All I’m saying is, I’m about to make some damn hashbrowns.

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