Sunday Thoughts

Have you ever been blackmailed? About once a week, someone sends one of my 484 passwords to me in the subject line to show how clever they are, then lists their demands.

I never engage, which must be frustrating because they’re trying so hard to connect and form a long-lasting relationship with their exploitee.

I’m sure they’re just lonely.

I should reply with a happy haiku or something to brighten their day. Yes. Brilliant idea!

Blackmail fades fast,
Joy and peace forever last,
Smile, dear friend, smile.

Courtesy of ChatGPT. I’m too lazy to actually write something. Don’t judge; it’s Sunday. This is my day of rest…

But you have to admit, the little AI did a splendid job. I got stuck at Mister Blackmailer, which fits the five-syllable requirement, but the person might be female. You never know with these things, and I don’t want to assume their gender.

In any case, it fills me with happiness knowing that after all the thousands of emails they’ve sent, a considerate somebody (AKA me) replied with a thoughtful message. :)

With that, I hope YOU have a wonderful day full of joy and peace. Smile, dear friend, smile.

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