Arachnomancer’s Second Anniversary! 🥳

Octoralis (Dhane’s soul spider) <Let us have big party, Daddy!>

Dhane sighed. “You just want me to wear a dress again…”

<You wear dress? Daddy pretty in dress!>

“That was a disguise! I’m most definitely never wearing a dress again, even the one that makes me look like I have boobs.”

“Of course I touched them! I was curious.”

<Okay, I no complain. No pretty dress with boobs! But party?>

“I… guess we could do something.”

<Good-good-good! I invited my friends!>

“Wait, what!”

Wow, two years! I think everyone’s first thought is, “Damn, son, you’re slow. Where’s the third book?” I’d like to kindly direct you to Bookworm to Badass (which takes place in the same’ish world), written by an amazing guy (or so I’ve heard).

I wanted to have the new Arachnomancer cover ready for today, but it’s not quite there yet. Expect that to come //**. Oh, that’s right, I can’t give dates because I’m terrible at hitting deadlines. 😭

It’ll come when it comes.

Happy anniversary! Let’s make today Give-a-Spider-a-Hug Day. Umm, good luck with that! :)

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