Every Dungeon Runner book includes one or two guides that provide details about the world. I thought this would be a fun way to reveal interesting game features and answer reader questions.

But reading the manual doesn’t really evoke excitement. As such, I added two characters, John and Gabe, who are TOTALLY not based on real people (AKA not the trolls in my writing group who bully me every day…).

These guys add a bit more context. Their messages were written before everyone digitized. It also allows me to make fun of myself, such as the guide on calendars and how John very much hates all the crazy month and day names.

Well! These conversations are getting an upgrade in the upcoming Dungeon Runner soft relaunch. The software I use to format my books—Vellum—added a new feature to allow for actual chat bubbles.

Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like. :)

Click the image icon below to see the chat bubbles!

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