Good morning!

I’m working hard on the new Dungeon Runner book and thought it’d be fun to share a sneak peek of Dungeon Runner 4.1, the free side quest for my newsletter subscribers.

I’ve decided the Dungeon Runner: Eizel episodes don’t make for a great newsletter offering. Her story—though it lacks a dungeon—intertwines with the main story to the point that when I soft relaunch the series, I’m going to include it in the main books.

I want to provide readers with a good user experience and value. I don’t think having a bonus story upsell at the end of every book is a good experience. As such, I’ll have one! Dungeon Runner 4.1: Sugar & Sweet explores a super fun bonus dungeon that’s unlike any we’ve seen so far.

Try not to eat it when it’s here. ;)

Click the image icon below to see it!

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