Sunday Thoughts

I got out of the shower and noticed half my toenails were clipped while the other half were not. They are still like that because I’m working up the motivation to get down there and do a good job. But this left me thinking, “Is this a writer thing or a Dustin thing?”

In other Sunday thoughts, it turns out I’m a very active sitter. My Apple Watch alerted me late last night that I had achieved my 30 minutes of exercise somehow. This is impressive since I didn’t do any excise. But I’m not going to fight it. We all need more achievements in life.

Last week, my sister and I beat the “new” (to us) Destiny 2 campaign on Legendary. Unfortunately, something glitched halfway through, so only I got the rewards. I think the game is secretly saying I’m the better player… I mean, that sucks!

Have a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week! :)

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