“What’s on your mind?”

That’s what Facebook is asking me. I’m drawing a blank. It’s empty in there, hollow, full of cobwebs (and hopefully not spiders)…

It’s funny to me how many people think I love spiders because of Arachnomancer. Let me tell you, spiders and I have had a rough history. In fact, one ran me off the freeway once.

I was driving back to college, listening to a comedian, and staying in my lane. Normal stuff. But then the world’s smallest spider dropped down on its tiny strand of silk to say hello.

(I didn’t say spiders weren’t friendly.)

Since I’m a loving and caring person, I gently pinched the strand of silk and moved the spider to my custom-built PC sitting in the front seat, wearing a seatbelt. Safety first.

The road got all bumpy. When I looked up, I was racing along dirt and tall yellow plants at 80 miles per hour. My immediate reaction was the wrong thing to do, which was to rip the steering wheel back toward the road.

The back of my car spun out. I was perpendicular to the road, still going 80 miles an hour. If you’ve seen the awesome anime called Initial D, you’ll be proud to know that, at that time, I became a world-famous drifter.

But that only lasted until the car turned onto its side and eventually upside down.

The worst part of this was my cup of water. It spilled all over my lap. The paramedics totally thought I wet myself.

So no, I don’t like spiders…

(Oh, and seatbelts save lives. My PC still worked!)

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