I’m currently listening to Bunker Core, a Dungeon Core book set in a post-apocalypse. I’m ten chapters in, and I’m enjoying it. :)

The reason I bring it up today is to show you part of my writing process. I’m sure other writers do this, too. When I get an idea for something I want to write, I start listening to books that explore similar ideas. This helps me experience the idea as a reader/listener so I can identify what I like/dislike.

I’m always getting more ideas, which—as Chris Fox says in his Plot Gardening book—go into my compost. You need good ideas in order to grow a garden worth reading. Is this making any sense? Haha.

Another fun book was Dinosaur Dungeon. I enjoyed the game mechanics and ideas Alex Raizman explored. And who doesn’t like dinosaurs!?

Hit me up with any Dungeon Core recommendations you might have. What do you like/dislike about Dungeon Core books?

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