I’m excited to announce that Arachnomancer is FINALLY getting its audiobook adaptation by the amazing, supremely talented, and hilarious Joel Simler!

I’ve listened to A LOT of narrators, and I’m confident I have picked the right gent for the job. Joel handles the comedy perfectly, getting me to laugh every time I listen to him.

You’ll also notice from the attached graphic that things look a bit different. I will be rebranding Wrong Divinity: Oh Sh*t! I F*cking Hate Spiders! (Arachnomancer, Book 1) to…

Arachnomancer: A LitRPG Adventure

This will come with an awesome new cover (still in the works). And for those of you sad about the books losing their fun taglines, don’t despair! Those taglines will exist as the first line in their blurbs.

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