The Pink Knight & Daughter Princess

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Writing can be a lonely journey. I’m lucky to have supportive family and friends who encourage me every day. I think it’s difficult for them to have read the books I’ve written over the years and haven’t published. There seems to be a chorus, “Just publish already!”

I assure you, dear reader, and them, “Soon.”

With that said, I’d be remiss if I did not thank them.

Janae Tigner is Alpha Number One. My little sister has read most of my secret novels and remains a core element of my target audience. We love many of the same things and have fun discussing possible new stories.

Janell Amely is my editor incognito. She is my older sister and seems to have edited my writing all my life. I recall, decades ago, coming back to something I had written with her little red marks in the margin. She helped give The Pink Knight its final layer of polish.

Stephanie Russel provides some of the best feedback, insight, and encouragement. She has helped me work through the maze of potential shiny projects, and even though I’m beyond stubborn, she continues to be supportive and understanding.

My writing group and fellow trolls: Gabe Patton, John Ward, and Dawn Chapman. You guys keep every day interesting, fun, and always do your best to derail my efforts, damn you. I’ve learned a lot through our many discussions and am glad I have people to talk with about common challenges.

Beta readers and helpful friends: Michael Atencio, Maria Burgess, Raine Christensen, Marissa Gates, Sabrina Lacruz, Shannen Reisewitz, Patrick Stewart, Jynette Tigner, and David and Ninette Tigner.

And lastly, I’d like to thank you for reading my first published piece and for reading this far. I hope this is the start of a very long relationship. Please reach out and say hello!