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The Pink Knight & Daughter Princess

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GameLit is a genre full of exciting adventures in worlds defined by game mechanics. I’d say a significant element of these stories is the progression the characters make by killing mobs, leveling, finding loot, crafting items, and so on.

These are all fun elements to explore—elements, in fact, that I explore in my other stories. However, for this story, I wanted to explore something a bit different.

Stuck in a Game is a common trope. The transition from the real world to the game world isn’t always given much attention, nor are we privy to how such events affect the family and friends of those left behind.

Donovan is my window into a grieving parent who thought he had lost his daughter. It’s not a story of fun and games or exciting adventure and progression; it’s a story of loss.

These characters momentarily lose each other and forever lose their physical selves and the world they leave behind. Death lingers like a permanent scar of what they once had though can never have again.

Despite how exciting existing in a game world may be, I feel that this transition is sad. To be cut away from others, cut away from the known, and thrust into the unknown.

And yet, life as we know it isn’t entirely unlike this. We may not transcend worlds, though we make connections every day that wither and fade with time. Sometimes, and abruptly, connections are taken from us, changing our world forever.

We’re all but variables in the churning machine of time. Don’t let the days blur by. Take hold of those connections you have. Love them, appreciate them, be with them. For when the world changes, and we’re left scarred by their abrupt removal, they may only persist in our memories.

Thank you for reading The Pink Knight and Daughter Princess. Despite stepping far from the typical GameLit stories that I write, I hope it was enjoyable. This is but a glimpse into a massive world of series upon series, and I look forward to sharing these stories with you in the coming years.