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By Dustin Tigner
Too Long; Didn't Read

The Pink knight & Daughter Princess and A Shadow in the Darkness are now free, re-edited, and available on my website.

It was June of 2019, three years ago, that I finally pressed the Publish button on something after years—if not decades—of avoiding this tiny leap of faith.

After bouncing between a few novels, John Ward challenged me to write something he’d like. John enjoys darker stories, and so I wrote The Pink knight & Daughter Princess, a GameLit short story. I tried to make it dark and depressing, but that’s just not me, haha.

This little story takes place within the same universe as Dungeon Runner (which is also free), as well as several dozen of my unpublished series. While technically it fits GameLit, the story is more focused on a father who plays VR games with his sick daughter.

It’s a touching story.

I think some people have even cried.

Yes, I agree, John is a sick man who needs help. . . .

A GameLit Short Story

FREE · 30 Pages · 5,301 Words
  • GameLit
  • LitRPG

Mirroring the same themes in a totally different package is A Shadow in the Darkness. After going through the process of writing, editing, designing the cover, formatting the eBook, and publishing, I found it really wasn’t that hard to write a story and release it.

This all led to the eventual release of my first novel, Arachnomancer, which wouldn’t have been possible without these crucial short stories to learn from.

If you’d like to see some of my earlier stuff, please give my short stories a read. They are each about 20-pages long.


A Post-Apocalyptic Short Story

FREE · 24 Pages · 4,682 Words
  • Post Apocalypse
  • Aliens
  • Scary