Dungeon Runner 1

Exploit, Extract, Exit!

$4.99 · 394 Pages · 91,701 Words
  • GameLit
  • Cozy Fantasy
  • Young Adult
Dungeon Runner 1 cover


Coming October 2023!

Eighteen-year-old Entin Soroy was supposed to be the cogging best fighter pilot of the Garentin space colony. But after an unthinkable terrorist attack forced the colony to digitize to survive, he finds himself thrust into a world repurposed from a rushed video game: Eternal Fantasy Online.

This new reality might be beautiful. It might be full of endless wonder for its new immortal inhabitants. But the developers, in their haste, failed all those who lost their families and were too young to be given starting resources.

Now, Entin is a market Runner, working for copper chyps delivering packages to earn what little he can for the orphanage. It’s grueling, thankless work. That is until a far more lucrative job finds its way to him, revealing a new path forward.

But nothing is ever easy. There are risks involved with going into the Wilds, a place of monsters and dangerous mysteries. Is the loot worth it? What price will he have to pay to succeed where others have failed?

Dungeon Runner is a GameLit trilogy with a dash of Cozy Fantasy, found family, and friends. It’s full of adventures, puzzles, and unusual paths to success. Watch Entin define the role of a Dungeon Runner and push the bounds of his reality in this new virtual fantasy world with endless possibilities.

Dungeon Runner 1 cover