Dungeon Runner 1

A Dungeon Heist LitRPG

$4.99 · 394 Pages · 91,701 Words
  • LitRPG
  • Adventure
  • Young Adult
Dungeon Runner 1 cover


In a virtual fantasy world made real, perilous dungeons hold untold loot. Can he exploit them for coin and save a destitute orphanage?

Entin Soroy is devastated. A brutal terrorist attack killed his parents and forced the starship’s inhabitants to digitize into a rushed video game to survive. The once top-ranked fighter pilot student now delivers vegetables for greedy merchants. But when a timed Run goes wrong, his earnings are stripped, and he vows to find a new way.

Eizel Oqerton refuses to accept that her parents failed their transfer. They can’t be dead. And without them to uphold their government contracts, her wealthy family will soon lose everything. Unless… no one knows.

Determined to help the orphanage and reclaim his dignity, Entin accepts an adventurer’s invitation to become their Runner, delving into the monster-infested dungeons within the Wilds. Eizel skirts the law and keeps up appearances while starving and penniless as she scours the floating Land of Roya for her parents, growing more desperate each day.

Will Entin succeed in the dungeons where others have failed?

Can Eizel uncover the truth about her parents before her illicit secrets unravel her life?

Dungeon Runner 1 is the exciting first book in the Dungeon Heist LitRPG trilogy. If you like unconventional dungeons, utility skills over combat, and youthful romance, then you’ll love Dustin Tigner’s exhilarating adventure.

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Previously Published

The first book in the Dungeon Runner trilogy unites all six original novellas into one novel, updated and expanded. The adventure deepens in the next installments, featuring brand-new content and thrilling new dungeons to conquer.

Dungeon Runner 1 cover

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