Secret Project 1

Novel · 5% Complete

We all have our secrets, and this is mine!

I’ve been thinking about the next story I would write after Dungeon Runner and Arachnomancer. I’ve listened to a lot of fun books and studied the genre to see what readers seem to like. Then an idea struck.

I love it! I love the world. I love how it explores the genre in new and interesting ways. And I love how it challenges me to be a better writer.

This is a new project, a fresh start on something different. And let me tell you, I have lots to learn before I can start writing. I’ve bought a good dozen or so books for research. . . .

It’s going to be fun. :)

But let me assure you that this project does not take time away from my current series. I can only spend my free time on it after my writing day has concluded.


4/16/2023: It has been nearly a month since my last update. I doubt anyone actually reads these messages, but when I reveal this project, it’ll be nice to show my progress from inception to completion.

I’ve been tinkering a lot with the idea behind this book. As I read other books, I get new ideas. Right now, I’m reading Eight by Samer Rabadi. I love the details of his world-building. His story makes me think about the world I am developing and pushes me to go the extra mile.

Another book I read—and what inspired this project—was All the Skills by Honour Rae. The world in these books feels real, and that’s what I hope to capture in my next series.

So, if you’re excited for my next big project, go check out these good stories and see where some of my inspiration is coming from. :)

3/19/2023: I shifted my schedule around and used my morning study time to read over the previous day’s words (Dungeon Runner 2). This helped me hit my writing goals, but I failed at studying in the evenings to make up for the change.

Next week, I’m bringing back my morning study time. Woot!

I also started and stopped writing a random story before bed. The reason I stopped was because I couldn’t figure out what words to use. How did people talk in medieval times? Are there words I should avoid using, like Okay?

My research has shown that if I try to write accurately to fit the setting, readers will be confused. There’s a middle ground to be found. I’m still figuring out what is “okay” and what’s not.

3/12/2023: This new series will take place in a “real” fantasy world. This isn’t an isekai/portal fantasy where the protagonist is from our world, slinging pop culture references. As such, I’ve bought many books to study medieval times.

My goal is to use medieval times as a foundation for this new world I am creating. I want it to feel real, then sprinkle on GameLit mechanics that are simple yet directly affect the world and its culture.

That’s it for now. Time to study. :)