Dungeon Runner 3

Serial · 100% Complete

Last year, after pushing myself way too hard, I published Arachnomancer 2. The plan was to then write and publish Dungeon Runner 3 by October, 2021, a mere two weeks away.

I couldn’t do it. I completely burned out every neuron.

It took over a month before I could feel excited about my work again. Every time I went into my writing office, I had to fight the immediate desire to leave. As such, and with regret, I published The Dungeon Runner Dilemma, which officially put this experimental GameLit serial on pause.

I’ve since developed healthy habits. Yay! I go on walks every day, take breaks every 30 minutes, and don’t work on writing for more than seven hours a day (much better than fifteen).

I’m excited to be returning to Dungeon Runner. This book is slated to be released before Halloween and will have a Halloween theme. Fun! Stay tuned for more announcements because this is just the start. :)