Dungeon Runner 3

Novel · 100% Complete

More details are coming soon!

This is for the novel version of Dungeon Runner.

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6/4/2023: This is my last Project update. I’ll be phasing this whole section out (once I have time to make all the planned changes). See this Brief for more information. I’ll share more of my process and thoughts in articles and Briefs going forward. :)

5/27/2023: This week saw a modest bump on the progress track (7%), but a lot has happened behind the scenes.

It would seem that, after nearly 2.5 years of publishing, I am still trying to find my process. Most of this has to do with whether I outline a story or write it into the dark (discovery writing). I believe I’m somewhere in the middle.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but this isn’t the place for it.

When I started Dungeon Runner 3, I threw out the episodic structure that we see in the first two books. I wanted to write a “normal” novel, haha. But now that I’ve given myself permission to look at the whole story—not just what’s happening in this scene—I’m bringing back the unique structure.

I want to be consistent. And I have fun side stories I want to include.

Beyond Dungeon Runner, I’ll probably stick to the normal way of writing books. I’ll also avoid having so many point-of-view characters. I hope, when you get to read the series, all of these characters are fun and add to the world.

I’m giving myself until the Diablo 4 launch to figure out my process. After that, I’m taking a day off to slay demons. Woot! And after that, I’ll become a demon that writes lots of books. What’s a soul worth anyway?

5/21/2023: Dungeon Runner 3’s project has officially started. I added 15,024 words to the book this week, giving it a decent start. I wanted to make more progress, but as the last book in the series (and my first time writing the last book in a series), I’ve gotten hung up on a few things.

The best way to figure out the problems is to write through them. The story continues in fun directions. :)