Dungeon Runner 1

Novel · 100% Complete

Dungeon Runner has gone through a few changes over the years. It started as a side story to an unpublished series, became a newsletter magnet for Arachnomancer, was on RoyalRoad for a time, then made its debut to all online stores on March 25th, 2021, as a free serial.

Now, it changes again.

Dungeon Runner 1 is the novel version, which includes . . .

  • Dungeon Runner 1
  • Dungeon Runner: Eizel 1
  • Dungeon Runner 2
  • Dungeon Runner: Eizel 2
  • Dungeon Runner 3
  • Dungeon Runner: Eizel 3

This project represents my effort to combine these stories and give them another round of polish in preparation for their new trilogy of novels.


2/26/2023: Dungeon Runner 1 is officially moving to the new project’s category Publishing. I’d like to publish this trilogy rapidly, meaning that a new book comes out every month. However, for that to happen, I need to finish the other books first. Don’t want to wait? Grab the novellas while they are still available!

2/19/2023: This week, I finished the big edit of all published Dungeon Runner stories. It came together remarkably well, and I adjusted/fixed a bunch of tiny things to improve the reading experience. It comes in at just over 90,000 words.

Tomorrow, I’ll format the book and get it ready for narration. I’m also still working on the new cover, trying to decide what will attract the right audience. I might have to create a few rough covers and see what you guys think.