The Audiobook Announcement

Dreamscape Lore to Produce My Next Ten Audiobooks

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By Dustin Tigner
Looking for my Audio Projects?

Since I will no longer be narrating my books—see below!—all previously listed audio Projects now redirect to this page. Read on for more information.

After two years and five months of learning about narration, building my booth, practicing, failing, and—the crux of the problem—trying to do everything myself, I’ve made a hard decision that I believe will be good for everyone, including me.

I have licensed my next ten audiobooks to Dreamscape Lore.

“But, Dustin, you don’t have ten books. . . .”

The Books!

The following books have a tentative release for Q3 and Q4 of 2023.

  • Arachomancer 1
  • Bookworm to Badass
  • Arachnomancer 2
  • Arachnomancer 3
  • Dungeon Runner 1
  • Dungeon Runner 2
  • Dungeon Runner 3

Dreamscape Lore will also be producing my secret project, a new GameLit trilogy slated for release in 2024. I’d tell you more, but it’s a secret! Expect sneak peeks early next year.

Why Dreamscape?

Dreamscape and I have been exchanging emails since January. We have talked about everything there is to talk about concerning audiobook production and distribution. Their team has been nothing but a joy to work with.

A big reason I didn’t release my audiobooks back when I first started was because of Audible. As a consumer, I love them. As an author, there are a lot of problems. Dreamscape is not exclusive to Audible. They have a great history working with libraries—a major focus for them—and all stores.

Working with Dreamscape has allowed me to focus on writing. My tendency is to do everything myself, from hand-coding this website to designing my covers. I’m a one-man team. But that hurts my publishing schedule, slowing future releases. Dreamscape will help me publish more books.

Want to meet the team? They made a fun TikTok video re-enacting the Super Smash Bros select screen. You can totally see that they are on board with GameLit, which makes them cool in my book (not a pun!). :)

Publishing Strategy

Over the last two years, I’ve run into numerous challenges. To succeed in any profession, you must persevere and learn. And I’ve learned a lot.

I learned that I don’t like publishing a book until the series is done. This way, I can adjust content as needed, and you get the books much quicker once the first book has been released.

I learned that I should treat my eBook, print, and audiobook supporters with equal respect. When I release a book, all formats should be available.

I learned that I can release polished books without an editor, but I’d save a lot of time (and stress) by relying on others to help.

It’s my hope that, moving forward, I will release better books much more often and in the format you want. Working with Dreamscape is but the first step toward a very long journey.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. :)