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By Dustin Tigner
Too Long; Didn't Read

I built a directory of funny books called HahaFiction. Check it out!

Three months ago, I started building a new website to help promote my books and other humorous genre books. That website became HahaFiction, a directory featuring many genres, including GameLit.

Writing humor is incredibly hard.

Apparently, finding it can be just as difficult.

Humor is highly subjective. What makes one person laugh-out-loud, makes another person cringe or roll their eyes. And while most books have some humor sprinkled in, it’s rare to find good books that consistently deliver witty lines and humorous situations.

When I read Will Save the Galaxy for Food, a humorous science fiction book, I found myself in awe of the author’s skill. I have much to learn!

Think of this site as my public To Be Read list. I’m not making personal recommendations. I’m merely a human algorithm searching for books that will make me laugh and teach me how to write humorous fiction better.

If you’re looking for something funny, check the site out! It’s still quite small. Things will shift around—books coming and going—but it’s in a decent enough state to recommend some good stories.

And if you know of a good book that made you laugh out loud often, please submit it so I can check it out. I’d really appreciate it. :)

Have a hilariously good time!