Introducing Eleista Publishing

Introducing Eleista Publishing banner
By Dustin Tigner

On May 1st, 2012—more than ten years ago!—I registered Eleista as my DBA and started freelancing. It has been a crazy journey!

Today I am announcing Eleista Publishing, my publishing imprint for all of my books. Think of it as a promise that I’m in this for the long term.

Dean Wesley Smith says you can’t lose your job as a writer. The only way to fail at this is to give up, and I’m not giving up. I’m a creative, through and through. My passion is to bring you fun stories that make you laugh.

“What does Eleista mean?”

It’s a portmanteau of Elevated and Vista. It represents the challenge we endure when pursuing our goals. It’s a reminder to never settle. It’s the triumph of achievement, to stand at the top and see what we have accomplished. And it is encouragement to help others to the top as well.

Eleista is more than my business name; it’s my way of life.

(Dramatic pause.)

Don’t look at me like that. You asked! Moving on.

2023 is going to be a great year with lots of content!

We have Dungeon Runner, Arachnomancer, audiobooks, print books, and secret-secret projects aplenty. If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter or following me on Facebook or Twitter, well, get to it!

None of what I do would matter without you.

Thank you for letting me entertain you. :)