December 2022 Update

December 2022 Update banner
By Dustin Tigner
Updated 12/23/2023

Looking back at 2023, I definitely didn’t go Wide. I completed Dungeon Runner as a trilogy of novels, which is in Kindle Unlimited. And I never wrote that long article about AI and my stance because it’s a fight I just didn’t care to make. People can use AI or not. I don’t feel the need to justify my use of it.

Help! I’m currently in the midst of exploring way too many rabbit holes. Every tiny thing I add to my plate has turned into a full-course meal (that analogy works, right?). Let me explain.

Shortly after publishing my 2023 roadmap, I realized my long-term goal of eventually publishing my books Wide (in all stores, not just Amazon) should start now while I have enough money to weather the storm.

You see, to successfully publish Wide can take well over a year. It requires more work, pays a whole lot less (in the short term), and is more expensive.

Sounds like a winning strategy!

In exchange for those things, I gain freedom. My books become available in stores across 190 countries (instead of Amazon’s 16). I can finally work with libraries. And most importantly, I can sell my books direct.

Selling direct is vital because it removes my dependence on massive companies that levy a 30-75% tax on all sales. It also gives me the flexibility to provide better value to my readers. More of that to be announced later.

The important thing to know is that going Wide isn’t a switch you flick. It takes a lot of research and planning, AKA rabbit holes.

These rabbit holes include pricing, taxes, shopping carts, stores and aggregator services, printing and physical products, and identifying great benefits to give readers who buy direct while not punishing readers for not wanting to buy direct; I value reader choice.

And. . . . on top of all of this, I’ve been down the very deep rabbit hole of AI art generation. This is something I’ve stood against for a long time now. I’ve watched and listened to well over a dozen hours of debates from both sides.

Begrudgingly, I gave in.

Two days ago, I generated my first piece of AI art. It was beautiful.

Since I’ve been so vocal in my hate of AI, I feel that I must explain myself. And the only way to do so is with a long article that digs into why I was so against it, why my opinion changed, and how this technology can help authors.

But that’s not this post.

I have some awesome pieces of art to share, but I’m not quite ready to share them. For the time being, you can simply enjoy the header graphic on this post. Yes, that was generated (it took four tries to get what I wanted).

So Now What?

I’m taking December off. Kind of (not really).

Bookworm to Badass will be my last Kindle Unlimited book. This requires 90 days of exclusivity, and after that, I’ll be taking all of my books Wide.

I will not be moving Dungeon Runner into Kindle Unlimited. Once I have my new store working, these books will no longer be free. Further, I’m going to delay Dungeon Runner 4. Having a bit of padding will help while I deal with all the new stuff I am doing.

If all works out, I will hit the new year running. I have lots of plans!

That’s it for now. Thanks for being a reader! I hope you’re doing well wherever you are. And if not, feel free to contact me, and we can chat. :)