Arachnomancer Audiobook Now Available!

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Arachnomancer Audiobook Now Available! banner
By Dustin Tigner

Guess what the (literally) quadrillions of spiders are doing today? They’re listening to Arachnomancer!

(If only there was a currency exchange for spider bucks. . . .)

It has been years. Years! The first Arachnomancer audiobook is finally here. And just in case you’re concerned about waiting years for the second book, fret not. It’ll be out on September 26th!

The tentative launch date for Arachnomancer 3—for both audiobook and eBook—is January 23rd, 2024.

Bookworm to Badass, which is Sarah’s standalone prequel to Arachnomancer, will be coming out on August 22nd.


The book is available pretty much everywhere, including libraries. The above represents just a few places for your convenience.

If you pick any of these books up, I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for your support. And thank you to Dreamscape Lore for producing them. :)