By Dustin Tigner

Disclaimer: Welcome to my spoiler-free journal. This is where I record my thoughts and feelings as they pertain to what the hell I just wrote. I may explore writing craft, productivity techniques, bemoan running out of my favorite snack, or anything else. You've been warned!

Arachnomancer never needed a map. . . .

And now that I am designing one, it’s giving me all sorts of new ideas for the story. These locations are quite unique and fun and totally worth exploring. And that’s largely what maps should do, tickle our curiosity.

The most I accomplished—outside of a bunch of drawing and measuring—was naming most of the zones. There are twelve zones. From left to right, we have Glacioni, Silvan, Stagmort, Ceretree, Terralacoos, (four sea zones without official names), Arenolis, Vitrumon, and Kallideous.

That’s it for today!