3,785 Words

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  • Words Sprinted: 3,785
  • Average: 378
By Dustin Tigner

Disclaimer: Welcome to my spoiler-free journal. This is where I record my thoughts and feelings as they pertain to what the hell I just wrote. I may explore writing craft, productivity techniques, bemoan running out of my favorite snack, or anything else. You've been warned!

It has been twelve days since I last wrote prose.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how Mondays are for anxiety. I don’t write on the weekends (I freelance and work on other things). Those two days of not writing give me performance anxiety on Monday. Well, imagine how I felt today after not writing for twelve days!

Despite a less than great planning session before writing today, I hit a new high of 3,785 words. I think part of this was due to my eagerness to return to writing after such a long break. Another part is likely due to having a long time to—at least subconsciously—imagine what would happen next.

Today was also the first day in nearly two weeks where I got to return to my normal schedule. I really like my schedule. It pushes me just enough to be wildly productive (for me) without any risk of burnout. I got to continue listening to Legends & Lattes (my audiobook of choice at the moment). And I went outside, saw the sun, and got a bit of exercise in.

Oi, twelve days. Crazy. I knew that if I stopped writing to world build, I would get sucked in. Well, this is now my official proof. But in the end, I’m glad I did it. I would say the world needs another twelve days of worldbuilding, but I think I can manage with what I have now.

Tomorrow is a new day. I have a plan; I know what to write; and I’m just excited to finish the first draft this week.

See you around. :)