By Dustin Tigner

Disclaimer: Welcome to my spoiler-free journal. This is where I record my thoughts and feelings as they pertain to what the hell I just wrote. I may explore writing craft, productivity techniques, bemoan running out of my favorite snack, or anything else. You've been warned!

After seven days, I’m finally ready to write again.

The funny thing is, after all of that work, the plot won’t change much.

The outcome of all of this worldbuilding and plotting is a story that makes logical sense. I have a much better grasp of how heavens and gods work. I also have a pretty solid idea of how the overall Arachnomancer story will pan out.

As odd as it may seem, Sarah’s book is what starts the cascade of events that lead up to and include Dhane’s story (eight years later). It won’t be required reading, but it will provide more context to the overall story.

I’m looking forward to returning to my schedule. I’m a very schedule-oriented person. I study, eat, listen to audiobooks, go on a walk, stretch, prepare to write, write, etc. on a schedule with alarms going off at the most optimal times to allow me to achieve what I’m working on.

But when I get stuck, that schedule goes out the window. I haven’t been on a walk in a week! Nor have I been listening to my audiobooks. So tomorrow is going to be nice. I’m excited to go outside, haha. I’m also excited to get more words done and wrap up the rest of this book so I can dive into the second draft.

In other news, I made my best air-fried fries today. Moving up in the world!