Eizel 3

(Dungeon Runner, Book 3.1)
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In the last episode, Eizel Oqerton ventured out into the terribly scary and dangerous Wilds in search of food, resources, and her missing parents.

And died.

Many times.

But perseverance was a core feature of the Oqertons. She would not give up. In fact, she pursued death to conquer her irksome fear of all the nasty monsters that lingered in the darkness.

Alas, this undeterring focus on the Wilds made her forget about the first Aurora Conventus, a social function of the elite to discuss and solve societal problems.

She attended, representing her parents and the Oqerton Alliance, doing her best to maintain her facade, learning at the last minute that she was the guest speaker.

Led by the void in her complaining stomach, she made her speech about food and pledged all of her family’s available land to be rezoned for farming.

Later, she returned to the Wilds, ready to die a thousand deaths. Instead, she found Izaak after using one of his traps to kill a Night Wolf.

Her reward?

A most delicious steak.

Eizel 3 cover

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