Dungeon Runner 3

A Dungeon Heist LitRPG

$4.99 · 696 Pages · 177,909 Words
  • LitRPG
  • Adventure
  • Young Adult
Dungeon Runner 3 cover


What does one do when they “get the girl”? It all still feels very surreal to Entin. He’s just thrilled that Eizel—now permanently Aymie Avys—likes him.

Why not a quest date? A quest that starts simple then pulls them into new places and introduces new friends, like a fish Naufling with a cryptic world-ending message.

All Entin wants is to build his guild and explore all the fantastical worlds with Aymie. But life always finds a way to complicate things.

Those who have been operating from the shadows in this virtual world are ready to step forward, hatching a scheme that positions Entin unwittingly at the heart of a conflict where the stakes are higher than ever before.

No matter how fast he or his Runners are . . .

There is no running from this.

Dungeon Runner 3 is the epic conclusion to the series. It’s chock full of everything you’ve come to expect: lots of humor, cogging cool dungeons, a sprinkle of romance, and a whole lot of adventure. At nearly twice the length of the first book, there is much to enjoy.

Dungeon Runner 3 cover

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