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Dustin Tigner

You are reading the Calendar guide. In Eternal Fantasy Online, years are made up of 10 months, months are made up of 4 weeks, weeks are made up of 10 days, and days are made up of 20 hours.


Why did they have to go and screw up all the dates and times? Are we supposed to remember all of these different day and month names?


It was a fantasy game, man.

I heard that they wanted to change it to use a normal calendar system, but it’s low on the priority list, and for reasons beyond me, the calendar system would be difficult to change.


The first thing I do in the new world is make my own calendar. It’s going to have Monday through Sunday, and all the rational people will use it.


Good luck with that. . . .

Week Days

  1. Celesday [cel-es-day]
  2. Nobleday [noble-day]
  3. Arelday [ay-rel-day]
  4. Renday [ren-day]
  5. Sentraday [sen-tra-day]
  6. Famelday [fame-el-day]
  7. Deiaday [die-ya-day]
  8. Journisday [jor-niss-day]
  9. Loithday [low-ith-day]
  10. Enday [en-day]

Month Names

  1. Celessie [cel-es-see]
  2. Noblesie [nob-el-see]
  3. Arelsie [ae-rel-see]
  4. Rensie [ren-see]
  5. Sentrasie [sen-tra-see]
  6. Famelthei [fame-el-thay]
  7. Deiathei [die-ya-thay]
  8. Journisthei [jor-niss-thay]
  9. Loithei [low-i-thay]
  10. Enthei [en-thay]


Fun fact! A year is made up of 8,000 hours and is about 31 days—760 hours—shorter than the Gregorian calendar system. Due to time dilation, this allows Eternal Fantasy Online to experience two years for everyone one year in real-time.

What does this mean for you? More holiday events! We have fun activities planned that everyone can enjoy when the season becomes more festive. You can learn more about these activities from the Holidays guide.


Should we remove the information about time dilation? It’s still in the system, though it won’t matter since we will all be dead.


Man, you’re a downer.

Just leave it in.

Formal & Spoken Dates

When providing a formal, written date, the format is Week (in its ordinal form) [Day Name] of [Month Name], Year. Since all months have exactly four weeks, the week will either be First, Second, Third, or Fourth.

  • First Renday of Sentrasie, 314
  • Second Enday of Journisthei, 314

Dates Shortened

The short form for a date is presented as Week, Day, Month, Year, separated by dots. This format will be the most common when presenting dates within your game screen, such as expiration dates or timestamps.

“It is the Third Renday of Sentrasie, 314.”

    • Week: 3
    • Day: 4 (Renday)
    • Month: 5 (Sentrasie)
    • Year: 314

I hate it.


It’s because you’re old and hate change.


I love you. (edited)


Someone needs their happy pills. . . .

Don’t edit your messages, you’re screwing up the log.


It’s not like anyone is going to read this. Hello, person reading the logs! How are you? Having a nice day in your fantasy paradise?

It doesn’t matter. Go on, hate on something.



I hate— (edited)


That’s messed up. I’m . . . getting back to work now.


. . .

This concludes the Calendar guide. There are other guides you should read to better enjoy your time in Eternal Fantasy Online. Below is a simple index of subjects that players found interesting.


  • Time
  • Holidays


  • Currency
  • The Market
  • Black Market
  • Crafting


  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Taming
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