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You are reading the Character Experience & Progression guide. In this guide, you will learn how to improve your character in the direction that best fits how you wish to play Eternal Fantasy Online.

Players, NPCs, and all other entities—mobs (see the Monsters or Beasts guide), dungeons, towns—all gain level advancement by obtaining experience points (XP).

Levels provide additional options in a world that allows you to play however you want. You can focus on adventuring, or spend your time exploring, gathering, crafting, building, cooking, gardening, and so much more.

The categories for level advancement are Weapons (per weapon type), Magic (per magic type), Utility (shared), and Profession (per skill type). Every level of advancement within one tree, adds to your overall level, and the first 10 levels you obtain, provide you with an attribute point each (see the Character Attributes guide).

Each level requires 10,000 experience to advance. This is a flat rate for all subsequent levels. All skill trees can be advanced simply by using skills within that tree. The more Resource and Stamina that is paid, the more experience is earned.


And now they are messing with XP requirements.

How are people supposed to gain any levels when the requirements are so high?


It makes sense to me. This isn’t a game anymore. Instead of playing a few hours a day, we’ll be living there full time. If they didn’t change it, everyone would be maxed level within a few weeks.


Max level?

What is the max level anyway?



I was looking it up, Mr. Impatient. There’s no information in any of the guides about a max level. I’ve submitted a help ticket.


You’re telling me there’s no cap?


No, I’m saying there’s no information on it. . . .

Skill Points

When you obtain 10,000 XP within a skill tree, your level within that skill tree increases by 1 and you receive 1 skill point (SP). A skill point can be used to unlock an unknown skill or level up a known skill, making it better.

Profession skill points are a little different in that, by having a higher profession level—for example, cooking—additional recipes are automatically provided. The skill point, then, is used to unlock premium recipes.

A premium recipe does two things: allows you to gain access to a recipe at a lower level than otherwise possible, and be able to create the item at a higher quality than others, those who naturally learned the skill from their level.

Weapon & Magic Skills

While the other skill trees are predominantly advanced by using skills, the weapon and magic skill trees are predominantly advanced by kill experience. When a mob dies, it releases semi-transparent rainbow cubes that meld with you or your weapon, providing XP.

Kill experience is split between party members—whether or not they did any damage—as well as anyone else who contributed to the kill, even if they only did 1 damage.

You may have the experience split between equipped weapons (see the Weapons guide), which include any inactive, second set weapons; you can direct all experience to one weapon, active or inactive; or split the experience equally or unequally.

Since weapon and magic skill trees gain kill experience, they only earn half the Resource cost of a skill as experience. Using a dagger’s Backstab skill that costs 10 Resource will only award the dagger skill tree with 5 XP.

Utility & Profession Skills

The primary way to progress a utility or profession skill is by using it. While there are items, events, and hidden methods that may aid advancement, they are not common.

However, unlike weapons and magic skill trees, using a utility skill will provide twice the Stamina cost as XP, and using a profession skill will provide four times the Resource or Stamina cost as XP.

Skill Point Refund

You can, at any time, refund a skill point to lose the skill, skill level, or recipe and gain back 5,000 experience. This will not lower your reported level, but the experience will need to be made up before you can advance further.


You are level 5 in cooking with 1,000/10,000 experience to your next level. If you refund a skill, you will have 6,000/10,000 experience toward your next skill point. However, you will need 4,000 XP to gain a skill point and another 10,000 XP to advance to level 6.


This is terrible.

How is this fun?

It takes forever to gain a level, and if you pick the wrong thing for a skill point, you give up half your level’s experience just to get a refund. We should submit a support ticket and make sure this is accurate.


It’s accurate. And it’s not supposed to be fun.


That’s ridiculous.

Who said it wasn’t supposed to be fun?

We’re going to get our brains sucked out and blended into some crazy nanotech cocktail, and they’re not even going to let us have fun? It’s a game for crying out loud! I want to enjoy it.


No, it’s a new world.


I want to kill stuff and get loot!

They are seriously limiting that.

You’re just defending them because you think they know what they are doing.


They do, more than you. They’ve got all the smartest people working on this.


They’re not smart if they limit the players, that’s all I’m saying.

I want to kill monsters, find loot, and get the girls.


Well, not everyone wants to do that. If it were a game, then adventurers would have the upper hand in everything, wouldn’t they? They’d get all the resources, all the wealth. The economy would crash with either hyperinflation or deflation.

I think what you’re not considering is that most of the people in this tin-can of a space station are not gamers. What are they going to do? Kill monsters? The new world had to have these massive changes because the demographics are all wrong, the balance is way off.

You know what I’m scared about? I’m scared that they are pumping out all of these changes to the world and when we get in there, it’s going to be broken. I don’t see how they won’t miss things. And they can say the AI will run the world and fix things all they want, but what if the AI breaks?

We’re close to stepping into a fractured reality where all the programmers have been undergoing crunch for the last three months, working 20-hour days, hearing the news that people have died because it’s not done it.

That’s what I’m scared about: perpetually existing in a broken world.


So. . . . Think there will be AI girls?


I give up. Going back to work.

This concludes the Character Experience & Progression guide. There are other guides you should read to better enjoy your time in Eternal Fantasy Online. Below is a simple index of subjects that players found interesting.


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