Dungeon Runner 2

A GameLit Adventure

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The Dungeon Runner serial episodes have been unpublished and will be relaunched as the Dungeon Runner trilogy. The first novel will include Dungeon Runner episodes 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Eizel episodes 1, 2, and 3.

If you just started reading Dungeon Runner and would like the other episodes before the relaunch, I’ve made them available for download from Bookfunnel.

New dungeons, new friends, new loot!

Entin Soroy was the fastest market Runner in the City of Creannan. Now he’s a Dungeon Runner. The only problem is, dungeons are high-risk, mysterious places that adventurers are wary of adventuring.

But who needs a party, anyway? All of the loot—the money, the items, the . . . junk—is just sitting there, waiting to be nabbed by someone skilled enough and fast enough to escape.

Of course, dungeoneering without killing mobs introduces an all-new set of challenges, challenges Entin finds potentially insurmountable given his lack of time.

The orphanage is struggling. Food prices continue to rise, casting more people to the streets to beg for copper chyps. If Entin can’t make Dungeon Running work, he might have to return to market Running.

Or maybe there’s another way, a way that doesn’t depend on adventurers who are playing it safe as to not risk their gear.

Dungeon Runner 2 is nearly twice as long as the first episode. It’s full of fun, new characters, dungeons, challenges, and more. It is time for Entin to step up and make Dungeon Running work. The question, though, is whether or not he can succeed when everything is on the line.

Dungeon Runner 2 cover

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