Eizel 2 (Dungeon Runner 2.1) Out Now!

Eizel 2 (Dungeon Runner 2.1) Out Now! banner
By Dustin Tigner

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Eizel’s short story was meant to be just that, a short story. But I quite enjoyed my time writing from her perspective. There are many facets to this new world, and Eizel gives us an opportunity to dig a bit deeper.

I appreciate all of the messages and survey responses you guys have sent in for Eizel. When I wrote the first episode, I didn’t know if anyone would like it. Hearing from you guys helps motivate me to keep exploring all these odd stories. ;)


In the last episode, Eizel Oqerton died to a bookcase. It was her fault. She started the fight, and it promptly ended it.

In death, she discovered a sense of love and acceptance, a soul hug from the entities that inhabited the Celestial Plane above.

For the first time in the three weeks since entering the world as an orphan, she felt something positive: unconditional support.

It was as if her parents were there, encouraging her to keep fighting. But when she took her latest business endeavor to the richest girls in the city, Kina Starworth made her play, pushing Eizel out of the clothing business.

Left with nothing, Eizel decided on a change. The terrifying Wilds promised all the wealth and resources aplenty. . . .

She just needed to take it.