Dungeon Runner's First Short Story

Eizel is Now Available for Free!

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By Dustin Tigner

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If you are returning to Dungeon Runner, make sure you skim the Patch Notes! There have been a lot of updates to the first two episodes.

Dungeon Runner is back! While we wait for the third episode—to be released this October; woot!—I have written a side story. I’m planning to write two more serial shorts for Eizel. From there, we’ll see what opportunities come about.

If there’s anything in the Dungeon Runner world you’d like me to write about, let me know! Here’s my contact information. :)


This is the first Dungeon Runner short story that reveals the world of Eternal Fantasy Online from a new perspective: Eizel Oqerton. It takes place during Dungeon Runner 1.

One of the most influential families of the Garentin colony ship is the Oqertons. Using their status and wealth, they all but assured their legacy would carry on to the digital frontier.

It has been three weeks since the colony was digitized. Eizel, the sole daughter and inheritor of the Oqerton estate, is the only one to have survived the transition.

And no one else can know.