Dungeon Runner 3 Out Now!

Just in Time for Halloween

Dungeon Runner 3 Out Now! banner
By Dustin Tigner

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If you are returning to Dungeon Runner, make sure you skim the Patch Notes! There have been a lot of updates to the first two episodes.

After eons of being on hiatus, Dungeon Runner is back! Okay, it was only 1.5ish years, which really doesn’t sound that bad compared to eons. Just saying. . . .

The good news is, there are a whole lot more Dungeon Runner stories coming out soonish. Don’t believe me? Check my 2023 publishing roadmap! You can also spy on all of my projects in the Projects section of my site.

Lastly—and I’ll shut up; I swear!—Eizel’s first episode of her short story serial is available. There will be three of these episodes, which take place during the first three Dungeon Runner books.

Enjoy! :)


Dungeons are getting harder.

Entin Soroy, with his new party of Dungeon Runners—Bailey, Triton, and Aayra—has received a request from a dungeoneering family in need of rescue. But it’s not the Troken Dungeon, the dungeon they just beat. It’s a new dungeon with a challenging modifier.

On top of this, the orphanage is in trouble. Despite everything the others have tried, it’s not enough. Now, the Dungeon Runners have one chance to Run a harder dungeon unlike any they have seen, a haunted house full of freaky scenarios.

There’s something wicked in this mansion. Will the Dungeon Runners be able to survive and complete the challenge to save the orphanage? Or will they lose everything?

Dungeon Runner 3 is the longest episode in this GameLit/LitRPG serial. It’s a laugh-out-loud funny adventure with Halloween themes. This scary book is ideal for young adult readers who love exploring new and unique fantasy dungeons.

Exploit. Extract. Exit!