2023 Publishing Roadmap

Here's Everything That's Coming from Dustin Tigner!

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By Dustin Tigner

I’m excited to announce that a lot of new stuff is coming out over the next year, starting tomorrow! Yeah, I know, tomorrow is not the start of 2023, but it’s . . .

Bah, just go with it.

First, the Projects section of my site has been updated to show you which projects I am focusing on and how far along I am to completing them. Do note that—for the first time in my life—I’ll be finishing projects several months in advance. Each project provides the estimated publishing date.

Now, onward to the fun news!

Dungeon Runner

As announced with the first Dungeon Runner short story, Eizel 1, Dungeon Runner is back! In fact, Dungeon Runner 3—after a year and a half hiatus—is coming out tomorrow. Woot!

Eizel’s short-story serial is getting two more episodes to be released this November. Then, we’re getting a main Dungeon Runner episode every month up to and including April.

These will all be free. (Updated. See: The Free Experiment is Ending)

It looks something like this. . . .

  • Dungeon Runner 3 (10/14/22)
  • Eizel 2 (November)
  • Eizel 3 (November)
  • Dungeon Runner 4 (December)
  • Dungeon Runner 5 (January)
  • Dungeon Runner 6 (February)
  • Dungeon Runner 7 (March)
  • Dungeon Runner 8 (April)

After all episodes have been published, I will release an omnibus edition that includes everything. You’re welcome to purchase this edition to support me and the series. Or, if you’d like, I also have a donation page.

I love the Dungeon Runner format. If I can make this serial profitable, I have some great ideas for future books in this format. This is an experiment. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Either way, it’s going to be fun!


Most of my readers know me for my Arachnomancer books. I super appreciate your patience and recognize that the publishing schedule for these books has never been ideal.

Arachnomancer 3 is slated for Q2, 2023.

Unfortunately, Arachnomancer 2 did not do well. The second book has an (overall) 27% readthrough rate. Ideally, especially for a book in Kindle Unlimited, you want a readthrough of around 70%.

That 27% number looks pretty terrible. But it doesn’t tell the full story. In September 2022, the readthrough was 76.79%. In fact, Arachnomancer 2, due to being about 50% longer, made 10% more money than Arachnomancer 1 in September.

This tells me that, even if the overall readthrough looks bad, most readers who buy the first book buy the second when it is available. As such, my biggest problem was a slow release schedule and bad marketing.

I’ve worked hard to drastically improve my writing process (while maintaining healthy habits!). I write and publish much quicker than I could when I first started. And I wrote Challenger Sarah’s prequel novel to help me build my newsletter so I can stay in touch with my readers.

Arachnomancer’s series will be four books long (probably) + the prequel.

It looks something like this. . . .

If you’ve been waiting for Arachnomancer 3 and have not read I’m a Fudging Vampire!, then you’re truly missing out. Get it while the book is free (offer ends November 30th, 2022)! It’s some of my best writing.

Roadmap Challenges

I want to add this little bit of a disclaimer to set expectations.

First, I firmly believe I can hit my stated deadlines. I’ve changed my process and have tested it for a few months now. I’ve also added a lot of padding. My goals are realistic and healthy, and I’m excited for the stories I’m working on.

With that said, life is chaotic, especially now with all the world events. I’ll do everything I can to hit these deadlines. If, however, something comes up, I’ll update this roadmap, the Projects page, and let everyone know via my newsletter. You’re subscribed, right? ;)

That’s it! I hope you’re as excited as I am for all the new stories coming out. Thanks for your support and being a reader.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

See you around!